Milk and Honey Festival 
Labour Day Weekend  24th-26th October  2015

This is not an ordinary race!


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The mountain bike leg of the Milk and Honey Race has been getting a bit of attention of late, so it should be in sweet condition for the race on 28 October.

Weekly working bees are now happening on the Pack Track, Klicks and in Project Rameka to sort out drainage, tidy up bridges, redirect creeks(!) and de-rut tracks. Up the hill in the Rameka there's been a bit of work to drain some mud holes and sort out ruts. The Rollwercoaster will recieve a bit of TLC before race day too... should be a sweet ride down.

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Big effort on the track today, draining wet spots, clearing windfall etc. Going be riding smooth and fast by the weekend with the good wx forecast ..... thanks folks for the sweat!

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martin 'mfw' nichols
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Sweet! I rode most of the course for the first time on Saturday (on race day I won't get chance to stop and see the views!) What an amazing set of tracks. There were a few muddy puddles and soft spots on Rameka so hopefully will be dry on race day! Thanks to all the forest elves for their good work *thumbs up*

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